Mobile: Void Labels

Explains how to void a shipping label from ShipStation mobile.

Once you create a label, you cannot edit it. If you need to change the address, shipping service, weight, or other shipping options, you will need to create a new label. The best option for this is to first void the existing label, then create a new one. For labels purchased at the time of label creation, the postage provider will issue a refund according to their refund policy.

Voiding a label in both ShipStation mobile and the ShipStation web app will preserve the record in ShipStation and allow you to create a new label on that same shipment.

To void a label in ShipStation mobile:

  1. Tap on a Shipment to open the Shipment Details.

  2. Tap the Void Label button at the top of the Shipment Details screen.

  3. Tap Next to proceed with the void and submit a refund request to your postage provider.

The shipment details will be struck through in both the Shipment Details and Order Details to indicate that the label has been voided.


To view your voided shipments, tap the Shipment drop-down menu and select Voided.


Not All Labels Can Be Voided!

Be aware that some carriers do not allow voiding labels in ShipStation directly, and some carriers do not support voiding labels at all. In these cases, contact your carrier directly for assistance with your account.

When possible, we have listed when this limitation exists on each carrier's integration support page in ShipStation's Integrations Help Guide

Refunds are provided by the postage provider that you purchase the label from.