What is ShipStation Legacy?

A summary of the Legacy version of ShipStation and links to Legacy help content.

In January of 2020, ShipStation introduced a new layout and design to ShipStation. "ShipStation Legacy" or the "Legacy Layout" refers to the layout and design of the ShipStation platform prior to January 2020.

In some cases, how you use features in the Legacy vs New layout differs, so it's important to be aware of which layout you are using. This article will help you identify if you are using the Legacy Layout and point you to the Legacy sections of our help articles, in case you need assistance with certain features.

To identify if your account is on the Legacy layout, check the top bar for a button prompting you to Try Now. This button indicates you are using the Legacy layout.

The toolbar shows a try now button under New Layout

If you see the Scan tab along the top, you are in the New layout.

Closeup of Toolbar with Scan tab selected

Legacy layout may have some different workflows for common tasks. When instructions differ for a feature in the Legacy layout, you will find the instructions for Legacy users near the bottom of the help articles. The section will have the term “Legacy” in the heading.

Update to New Layout

All new ShipStation features or improvements to workflows are being developed for the new layout only. While we’ll continue to release bug fixes for ShipStation Legacy, no new features will be released on the Legacy Layout going forward. Click the Try Now button on the top bar to see the new layout and try it out.