Scan to Verify

The Scan to Verify workflow allows you to scan a UPC or SKU barcode to confirm the picker has the right items to pack, which minimizes packing errors and provides the ability to apply precise package weight for each shipment.

Scan to Verify provides audio and visual feedback when you scan an item barcode. This allows you to detect packing errors and confirm that the contents of every order are correct.

Not Available in ShipStation Legacy

The Scan to Verify is only available in ShipStation's new layout.

This workflow will mark orders as Verified and take no further subsequent actions. ShipStation does have the option to automatically create and print a label after verifying with the Scan to Verify & Print setting.

Scan to Verify Requirements

Before using Scan to Verify, make sure you have set up the following:

  • Add UPCs and/or Fulfillment SKUs to your product records (details in the following section). We recommend using our CSV import method to add UPCs or Fulfillment SKUs to all of your products at once.

    Multiple UPCs or SKUs on Products Not Supported

    Scan to Verify does not support using multiple UPC codes or Fulfillment SKUs on a single product.

  • Connect your barcode scanner.

    • We have successfully tested Scan to Verify with the Symbol DS9208, Symbol LS2208, Socket Mobile s700. However, Scan to Verify should work with any barcode scanner you already use with ShipStation.

    • You may need to configure your scanner to remove the carriage return (many scanners automatically hit Enter on scan).

  • Print your packing slips with either a Scan to View or an order number barcode.

    ShipStation's default packing slip template includes the Scan to View barcode already.

  • Set preferences for Scan to Verify to support UPC, Item SKU, and/or Fulfillment SKU for items.

    Go to Settings > Shipping > Workflow Settings > Scan To Verify Items By to set your preference.

    Scan to Verify Items with options for UPC, Item SKU and Fulfillment SKU.

Use Scan to Verify

  1. Print packing slips for the orders.

  2. Ensure the workflow is set to Scan to Verify.

    Then Scan a barcode from your packing slip or enter the order number manually.

  3. Choose one of three ways to verify the products in the order (each method is tracked and reported differently):

    • Scan the barcode for each product in the order, - or -

    • Click Verify to manually verify each line item, - or -

    • Click Verify All to verify all order items.


Workflow Setting Available

If you do not want to click Mark as Verified after verifying all your products, you can adjust the Workflow Settings for your account so that ShipStation will automatically move to the next shipment after you verify the last product on an order.

Finding Verified Orders

Once an order is Marked as Verified, the order will display Verified in the header of the shipment in its Order Details.


The scan activities are also recorded in the Shipment Activity section of the Order Details screen.