eBay Migration Guide

Ensure a smooth transition from your current eBay integration and store to ShipStation's eBay integration, which offers eBay’s new order number, access to all eBay country markets, and better support for Guaranteed Delivery.

The new ShipStation eBay integration is separate from your current integration and store. It offers eBay’s new order number, access to all eBay country markets and better support for Guaranteed Delivery. To ensure you do not ship the same product twice or encounter any other fulfillment issues, ShipStation recommends you migrate your connection to the new integration.

If you’re ready to migrate, follow the process in this guide to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible.

Plan your Migration

  1. Find a time to pause your workflow and switch to the new integration.

  2. Fulfill everything you need to for that day and ensure shipment notifications have been completed.

  3. Deactivate your existing eBay store connection in ShipStation.

    In ShipStation, go to Settings > Selling Channels > Store Setup. Find your eBay store, click Edit.

  4. Uncheck the Is Active? box, then click Save.


Any unshipped orders will import to the new eBay integration.

Reactivate Old eBay Integration

You can return later and reactivate your prior eBay connection for reporting purposes once ShipStation has disabled import functionality for the existing integration. We will notify you when we have disabled the old integration import function.

Connect to New Integration

While still in the Store Setup page in ShipStation:

  1. Select the eBay tile.

    eBay logo. Button that reads, Connect
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and click Connect when done.

  3. Import your orders from the new connection.

    This will fetch all unshipped eBay orders, claiming any unshipped orders leftover by your previous eBay connection in ShipStation.

And you’re done! You can now continue importing orders and shipping for your eBay store.

Merchants with Multiple eBay Stores

If you have more than one eBay store, after you add the first one, you must return to eBay to log out of that store before you add another. If you don't log out, the system will add the same eBay store each time you connect a new one.

Important eBay Integration Changes

The new eBay Fulfillment APIs say hello to many new feature opportunities, but also say goodbye to a few from the past.

Some of the features not available in the new integration include:

  • Automatically combines order for the same buyer

  • Imports calculated dimensions for single item orders

  • Sends shipment updates to linked BigCommerce store

  • Automatic Customer Feedback

  • Send shipping costs to Seller Manager Pro

  • Promote Related eBay Listings in Email notifications

Some of these features may be added back to the integration in the future, but some may not be. ShipStation will continue to work to bring our merchants everything you need to “get ship done”.