How do I customize my packing slips?

Frequently asked questions about customizing packing slips in ShipStation. Includes HTML examples for several common customizations.

To customize your packing slips beyond the basic document options available, you must use the packing slip template HTML editor.

The help articles in the customize Packing Slip FAQ section provide guidance on common ways to customize your packing slips. Articles will include suggested HTML and CSS code samples to help you accomplish each task. If your specific question is not answered in our help center, visit our User Community Forum and post your question there. Add the Custom Templates label to your post so your post can be grouped with other related discussions!

Subscription Plan Requirement

You must be on a Silver plan or higher to create and edit packing slip templates. 

To access the templates so you can edit them, go to Account Settings and select Templates>> Packing Slips from the left-hand sidebar.

Settings Sidebar: Templates dropdown. Red box highlights Packing Slips option.

From here, you can choose whether you will edit an existing template, copy an existing template, or create a New Packing Slip Template (this is a blank template with no pre-existing editable code).

You can then begin editing the HTML and CSS in the packing slip template editor. Here is a list of several common customization options for packing slips (click the links to view the instructions):