Can I use my own carrier rates?

Explains how and when negotiated rates with your carrier appear in ShipStation.

Yes. Once you connect your own carrier, any negotiated rates you have with your carrier will automatically appear as the rate in ShipStation.

For FedEx accounts with negotiated rates, the rates will appear only after you have created your first label in ShipStation.

For UPS accounts, you must enable negotiated rates in ShipStation first. Go to Settings > Shipping > Carriers. Click the action menu and choose Carrier Settings. Check the Enable Negotiated Rates option and enter the requested details from your most recent invoice. Then, click Confirm.


UPS Invoice Required to Enale Negotiated Rates in ShipStation:

  • To enable negotiated rates for UPS, you must have an invoice for that UPS account.

  • If you do not yet have an invoice, ShipStation will display the standard rates. However, regardless of the rate displayed by ShipStation, UPS will invoice you at the rate you have agreed upon. Once you receive a UPS invoice, enable negotiated rates in ShipStation and enter your invoice details. ShipStation will then display the negotiated rates.

  • If you negotiated new rates for your contract with UPS, you must re-enter your invoice details (follow the steps above) for ShipStation to reflect these new rates.

ShipStation per-label fees

For accounts on the High Volume plan, all labels created using Your Carriers (rather than ShipStation Carriers) will incur an additional fee that will be billed to your monthly ShipStation invoice.