How are shipments calculated?

Each ShipStation plan level, except our High Volume Plan, is limited to a certain number of shipments per monthly billing cycle:















High Volume


*If you ship over 7,500 shipments per month, contact our sales team to discuss our custom pricing options.

What counts as a shipment?

Reprinting an existing shipping label is not counted as an additional shipment, but re-shipping an order (as in generating a new label) is counted as a separate shipment.

Voided Labels and Orders Unmarked as Shipped

  • Voided labels and canceled fulfillment requests still count against your shipment limit.

  • For orders Marked as Shipped that have been restored without canceling the fulfillment, this will have no effect on your shipment limit.

How to Calculate Shipments

Your shipment limit resets on the first day of your billing cycle rather than the first day of the calendar month. For example, if you are billed on the 10th of every month, your shipments from the 10th of the prior month to the 9th of the current month count towards your monthly shipment limit.

To discover your billing cycle dates:

  1. Go to Settings > Account > Payment & Subscription.

  2. Choose Past Invoices.

    Subscription page with arrow showing the Past Invoices option in the Subscription Plan card.

    The date shown in the Date column is the first day of your billing cycle.

To view how many shipments you have in your current billing cycle:

  1. Go to the Shipments tab and make sure you are viewing the Recent section.

  2. Set a Ship Date filter for the first day of your billing cycle and the current day.

    The number of shipments will display on the bottom left of your Shipments grid.

    Shipment count at bottom of Shipment grid.

    Multi-Package Shipments

    Multi-Package labels only count as one shipment toward your shipment limit.

  3. Open the Fulfillments section of your Shipments tab and set the same Ship Date filter as the previous step.

  4. Add the total from Recents and Fulfillments together to get your current shipment count.

Filter to View Shipments by Carrier

If you'd like to further refine your view to see how many shipments you have for a specific carrier, add the Carrier filter and select which carrier(s) you'd like to view.