Custom Shipment Views

How to create custom saved layout configurations on the Shipments page in ShipStation.

You can create and save Custom Views for your shipment records to quickly see the shipment information that is important to your business.

A Custom View can include a set of filters, columns, and custom column sequence. 

Custom Views Not Available: Fulfillment Records and ShipStation Legacy

  • Custom views are not currently available for fulfillment records in ShipStation's new layout.

  • In ShipStation Legacy, custom views are not available in the Shipments tab for either shipment or fulfillment records. The Legacy layout only includes custom views in the Orders tab.

Create Custom Views

You can now select the saved view at any time to view only the orders that match your criteria. Saved views are available to all users on your ShipStation account.

The Shipping grid is shown. Two filters are highlighted and an arrow points to the 'Custom View - Click to Save' tab. The tab name can be clicked to save the custom view.

To switch between views, simply click the view you'd like to see. The filters active in that view will display in the filter bar.

Rename or Delete a Saved View