Can I add insurance to my shipments?

Yes! You can add insurance to shipments by selecting one of the options in the Insurance menu before you create the label.


If the order you are shipping exceeds the default coverage amount for the service you select, adding insurance will help protect you if the shipment becomes lost or damaged on its way to your customer.

ShipStation offers the following options for adding insurance to shipments:

  • Carrier insurance: This option will add the carrier's insurance to your package if the value of the shipment exceeds the default coverage for your selected service class. Any applicable insurance fees will be added to the rate you see in ShipStation.

  • External: Use this option to indicate in ShipStation that you have purchased insurance for the shipment from a third-party insurance provider.

  • No third-party insurance provider is currently available for accounts based in Canada.

Review our Add Insurance to Shipments article for details on adding insurance to your shipments, and review our How do I file an insurance claim? help article for details on how to file a claim.

Settings to Enable/Disable Carrier and External Insurance

If you do not see the Carrier and External insurance types in the Insurance drop-down menu, or you wish not to use them at all, you can enable and disable these insurance types for your account. Go to Settings > Shipping > Insurance and click the toggle switch for the desired option.

When disabled, the Carrier and External insurance types will not appear in the Insurance drop-down menu.