How can I see what I was charged for a label?

View what a carrier charged you for a specific label in a few ways:

  • The Carrier Fee column in the Shipments Grid.

    If you do not see the Carrier Fee column, go to the Columns drop-down menu and check the box next to Carrier Fee to add that column to your grid. ShipStation adds new columns to the end of the Shipments grid, so you may have to scroll horizontally to view it (click and drag the column to move it to another location).

    The carrier fee column is highlighted in the shipments grid.
  • Shipment Details

    Click the Shipment # in the Shipments Grid link to open the Shipment Details screen.

    V3 Shipment Details with arrow pointing to carrier fee.
  • Order Details

    Click the order number on the Orders Grid to open the Order Details for the order. The Cost is shown in the shipment details card.


For accounts on the High Volume plan, there is an additional per-label fee for all labels created with Your Carriers (ShipStation Carrier labels are exempt from this fee). The per-label fee is billed on your monthly invoice, which you can view by going to Settings > Account > Payments & Subscription and then clicking the Past Invoices link.