How do I add a SKU or PO Number to a label?

To add information like item SKU, order number, or PO Number to a label, use ShipStation's Label Messages feature.

To add a product SKU to a label message field, simply select [Sku #1] from the field replacement choices in the Message # drop-down.


To add multiple SKUs to one label message, type in the additional field replacements separated by a comma.

Adding a PO # requires the selling channel to first send this information to ShipStation. Not all selling channels provide this data!

If the selling channel does include the PO # in the data sent to ShipStation (like Squarespace, for example), contact ShipStation support to request the PO # be mapped to one of your Custom Fields. Once mapped, ShipStation will automatically add the PO # to the requested Custom Field for the order (if present). You can then choose the [Custom Field #] field replacement for the desired label message.


Label Messages Not Supported by All Carriers

Not all carriers support label messages. To find out if your selected carrier supports adding messages to its labels, please review the carrier's Integration article in our Integration Help guide.