Can I ship hazardous or dangerous materials?

Explains the limitations of creating labels for dangerous goods in ShipStation.

The best way to determine if the carrier and service you selected can be marked as Dangerous Goods is to see if the option This shipment contains dangerous goods is present in your Other Shipping Options section.

Other shipping options with the option This shipment contains dangerous goods highlighted.

If present, that means your selected carrier and service support this option. If absent, the selected carrier and service do not support this option.

Other Considerations for Shipping Dangerous Goods

  • Some carriers may have additional requirements beyond marking the shipment in ShipStation, like special paperwork or packing stickers. Check with your carrier to ensure your shipments meet these requirements.

  • Some carriers may not support marking shipments as Dangerous Goods in ShipStation but will still permit you to ship dangerous goods if your account contract allows it. For example, you may have a UPS account contract that allows shipping items on their dangerous goods list. You will not mark these shipments in ShipStation as containing dangerous goods (the option will not be present for you to select), but UPS does have specific contractual and packaging requirements you must adhere to.