What's New in ShipStation?

We want to keep you up to date as we release new features and update ShipStation's functionality. This release information focuses on what's new and what's changed in ShipStation's new layout. To review a summary of how the new layout differs from ShipStation Legacy, please review the Moving from ShipStation Legacy to the New Layout help article.

New Features

We are excited to show you the new features ShipStation has to offer! If you'd like to take advantage of these new features but are still using the ShipStation Legacy interface, please contact us to let us know that you'd like to migrate to the new ShipStation experience.

Batch Grid Layout - Reorder and Resize Columns

We have updated the OpenProcessed, and Archived batch status pages so you can now click-and-drag to adjust the column header size, rearrange them, and switch the display order for columns (ascending/descending). This change applies to batch lists, not batch details. Also, any changes you make to the batch statuses’ layout will persist if you switch between status tabs and after logging out and back in again.

Updated Functionality

The following enhancements have been released for existing ShipStation features:

Standalone Product Details Pop-up - Service Names Menu

The Service drop-down menu now displays the full service names. Previously, some service names could get cut off if they were too long.

Stand alone Product Detail popup. In Domestic service dropdown, Box highlights long name service

Automation Rules: Copy an Existing Rule

You can now create a new Automation Rule by starting from a copy of an existing rule! If you need to create several rules that share similar criteria and actions, copying and duplicating an Automation Rule saves you time spent on having to configure the entire rule again.

For example, let's say you want to automatically configure the carrier service and package type for international orders based on their weight. You've already created a rule for international orders weighing less than 1 lb. Now, you can copy the rule and quickly adjust the criteria and actions for orders weighing over 1 lb, instead of having to create a brand new rule.


To copy an Automation Rule: Click the Gray ellipsis ellipsis under the Actions menu and select Copy.


Prior-Month Releases

The following updates were released in September, October, and November 2022.