What's New in ShipStation?

We want to keep you up to date as we release new features and improve ShipStation's functionality. This release information highlights what's new or changed in ShipStation recently.

Chat Support Enhancements

Beginning in August 2023, you will notice a new experience within the ShipStation chat widget.

These changes will include:

  • Seamless transitions from our support library to live support

  • Continuous conversations allow you to pick up where you left off or view your previous conversations all in one place

  • Easier access to previous conversations

  • More personalized assistance with a conversational style

New Features

We are excited to show you the new features ShipStation has to offer! If you'd like to take advantage of these new features but are still using the ShipStation Legacy interface, please review our Migrating to ShipStation's New Layout help article.

Order Details Screen: New and Improved Interface

We have redesigned the Order Details screen for a more seamless shipping workflow experience! The redesigned Order Details makes it easier to access important information and perform essential tasks:

The order details screen with diagrams highlighting the new features.
  • A - Rates are more clearly displayed, and cost review more easily accessed. Rate review card floats as you scroll.

  • B - Left-side panel for easy navigation between (F) Order Summary, (G) Shipments, and (H) Returns.

  • C - Shipment status and tags display at the top of each selected shipment.

  • D - Saving default shipping configurations, applying presets, editing order and shipment information, and splitting shipments are easier than ever.

  • E - Printing documents and batching orders for the entire order or for only the selected shipments is much simpler. Use the Batch All and Print All buttons for all shipments on the order or the Shipment Actions button for the selected shipment.

New Order Details Order Summary section

F - Order-level details are more clearly defined. Click the Order Summary button to view order details in the left-side menu.

New Order Details with the Shipment Selection section selected

G - View, edit, and manage shipments by clicking the Shipments button in the left-side menu. Click the Create Shipment button ( + ) to create a new shipment.

New Order Details with the Returns section selected

H - View and manage returns by clicking the Returns button in the left-side menu. Add a return by clicking the Create Return ( + ) button.

New Order Details with the Shipment Details card highlighted

I - Shipment details and actions for shipped shipments are more prominently displayed and easier to access in the Shipment Details Card.

Product Bundles

You can now create Product Bundles in ShipStation! A Product Bundle is a collection of individual products sold together under a single SKU that references all of the individual products so that they can be processed and shipped together. You may already know this concept as Kits, Bundles, Sets, or Groups.

With Product Bundles, you can track inventory for all component SKUs, show the individual component items on pick lists and packing slips, split component items into separate shipments, and more.

The stand alone product screen is shown with the this is a bundled product option selected.

Automatically Split Orders by Product

You can now configure ShipStation to automatically split orders and create new shipments based upon the products included in the order! ShipStation users on the High Volume plan can specify how you want Auto-Split to create new shipments for each of your products.

Auto-Split helps save time by automatically managing orders that contain products with unique shipping requirements such as orders that contain oversized items or need to ship from specific warehouses.

Product details screen is displayed on the shipping tab with the Auto-Split Options section highlighted.

Automate Selecting the Lowest Rate (beta)

ShipStation can now select the lowest-cost shipping service for your shipments with the new Shipping Strategies feature. ShipStation users on the High Volume plan can now define which services ShipStation should compare and configure ShipStation to automatically apply the service with the lowest rate.

For example, you can configure a Shipping Strategy to compare different carrier services that deliver within 2-3 days, a strategy to compare different overnight services, to compare international services, and more!

The define shipping strategy screen is shown with services to be compared.

Prior-Month Releases

The following updates were released in July of 2023 or before.

Order Details - Shipment Activity Logs

Assigned User: Now when you assign an order to one of your users on the latest version of ShipStation, the Order Detail’s Shipment Activity will log and show that assignee. This ability lets you easily see if an order was reassigned from one user to another.  

Service Provider changes: We have also added the ability for the Shipment Activity to show Service Provider changes: 

  • In the sidebar, if you change the Service to be with a different provider: Stamps.com, GlobalPost Economy  => UPS, Standard.

  • In the sidebar, if you select a different Service under the same Provider to be the current Service: UPS, Ground => UPS, Next Day Air.

Hide Zero Quantity Items on Packing Slips & Pick Lists

You now have the option to hide zero quantity line items on packing slips and pick lists. With the Hide 0 quantity items option enabled, only line items with a non-zero quantity will be included on the packing slip or pick list. This option helps merchants who wish to avoid confusing their customers with a packing slip that lists items with a zero quantity.

Packing Slips: Go to Settings > Printing Setup > Packing Slips > Document Options

Pick Lists: Go to Settings > Printing Setup > Pick Lists > Document Options

The zero quantity items option is selected on the packing slip printing setup screen.