Filter Orders

How to filter orders in ShipStation using the filter bar or store settings.

Filters allow you to view orders that match only your selected criteria, like Destination, Tag, Store, and many others. Combine filters for a powerful way to quickly view priority orders or orders that need special attention.

Usable Results from Filter Criterion

Each criterion must be met for the filter to show the order. Because of this, we recommend you keep the number of criteria low as you add them. The lower the number of criteria to be met, the more likely you will filter usable results.

Apply and Save a Filter

There are two methods for using filters in ShipStation. In method one you'll apply filters directly in the Orders grid. In method two you'll build and save a collection of filters you can then access in the Orders grid or use with automation rules.

Filter Orders Method One

You can save this filtered view in two ways: Saved Filters or Saved Views.

Click Custom View - Click to Save to save these filtered views if you find you use a filter or combination of filters frequently.

This saved filter view appears as a new tab and always shows the count for how many orders meet the filtered criteria. You can have an unlimited number of saved custom views.

Review the Create Custom View article for further details. 

ShipStation orders grid - selects destination filter and chooses International. Saves the filter as a custom view

Filter Limitations

  • All filter fields have a character limit of 2,000.

  • Filtering by Item SKU: Item SKU as a filtering criterion applies to both orders containing just the Item SKU and orders containing the Item SKU and other line items. However, when you use Item SKU as an Automation Rule criterion, the rule will only apply to orders containing a single line item.

Filter Orders Method Two

The filters you save in this method will appear under the Saved Filters menu in the Orders tab and are available to all users on the account. 

Edit a Saved Filter

To delete filter, click Delete in the Automation > Order Filters menu.

Automation: Order Filters. Arrow points to Delete button for rule action.

Remove the Filter

To remove a single filter, click the selected filter in the Filter bar and choose Remove. To remove all filters, click Clear Filters

The demonstration below shows individual filters being added and removed.