Shopify: Inventory

How Shopify Inventory interacts with ShipStation and how to view Shopify inventory stock counts in ShipStation.

Managing your inventory and shipping can be time-consuming and complex as an online business owner. However, by using Shopify's inventory management features, you can view your remaining Shopify inventory stock count in ShipStation by setting your ShipStation Inventory Source to Shopify. Whether you are a small business owner or a growing ecommerce enterprise, the Shopify-ShipStation integration can help simplify your workflow and boost your overall efficiency.

ShipStation will display the Shopify inventory count in the order item details based on the Ship From Location you select for the order.

To display Shopify stock counts in ShipStation:

  1. Create a Ship From Location for your Shopify store.

  2. Select Shopify as the Inventory Source.

    Edit Ship From Location with Inventory Source highlighted
  3. Save your changes.

When creating shipments for your Shopify orders in ShipStation, select the Ship From Location linked to Shopify. ShipStation will display the stock count in the Order Items section of the order.

Order Details for Shopify Order with Ship From and Inventory column highlighted.

Keep the following in mind when using Shopify inventory with ShipStation:

  • The Ship From Location you select does not affect which location Shopify will deduct inventory from when you ship an order. Shopify will deduct inventory based on Shopify's inventory allocation for the items at the time of shipment.

    You can change the inventory location for an order in Shopify after the order has imported into ShipStation. The shipment update to Shopify will use the latest inventory location assigned in Shopify.

  • ShipStation will display inventory counts but will not prevent you from creating a label if the product is out of stock.

  • The stock count ShipStation received from Shopify assumes the product in the order is reserved, so the stock count represents the remaining inventory after that order.

    For example, if an order with a quantity of 1 shows a product stock count of 24, you'd actually have 25 of that product currently available in that location (24 in stock + 1 reserved for the order = 25 total).

  • ShipStation's Internal Inventory Management solution does not share stock-level information with Shopify inventory. All inventory management for Shopify must be performed in Shopify.