Schedule a Pickup

Explains which carriers support scheduling pickups in ShipStation and how to schedule and cancel pickups in the ShipStation app.

ShipStation includes the ability to schedule a pickup for shipments that use certain carriers.

At this time, you can schedule pickups in ShipStation for the following carriers:

  • DHL Express

  • FedEx

  • Canada Post

Once requested, you can also view, cancel, and resubmit the request directly in ShipStation.


ShipStation Carriers do not support scheduled pickups. If the carrier supports this service, please use your regular account for scheduled pickups.

Scheduling Pickups for Other Carriers

If you wish to schedule a pickup for shipments using other carriers, you must do so using the carriers' specified method.

Schedule a Carrier Pickup

You can now schedule a pickup for select carriers directly in ShipStation.

  • The DHL Express pickup provides the same functionality as the DHL website scheduler.

  • FedEx is available for FedEx Ground and FedEx Express shipments.

The Pickup option relies on the Time Zone set in the selected Ship From Location. If you have not set a Time Zone in your Ship From Locations, you may get an error when attempting to schedule a pickup in ShipStation.

Pickup Fees May Apply

  • DHL Express shipments may incur a pickup fee when scheduling a pickup in ShipStation.

  • FedEx may apply surcharges to pickups from residential locations or locations not associated with your FedEx Account.


The Pickup Date will default to the next day so you might not see any Open Shipments listed right away. To view open shipments, change the Pickup Date to match the Ship Date on the labels.

Cancel a Pickup