Workflow Settings

How to adjust the default workflow for creating labels and define which product identifiers can be used with Scan to Verify.

ShipStation allows you to control the default state of your Create Label button, set which steps Quickship mode will and will not skip, and determine how your Scan to Verify mode will function.

New Layout Only

This feature is not available on ShipStation's Legacy Layout.

To access Workflow Settings:

Label Button Settings

By default, the button is set to Create + Print Label, so you can create the label and initiate the print action in a single click. If you use this in conjunction with the Default Printer setting and ShipStation Connect, one click will both create and print the label.

Create + Print Label button with disclosure triangle to change create label options

If you do not wish to print the label right away, but rather create a group of labels first, then print them later, you may wish to change the default state of the button to just Create Label so you don't have to select it from the button's drop-down each time.

V3 button, reads Create Label

Select your default button action: Create Label or Create + Print Label.

Workflow Settings. Adjust default Button Action: Create Label, or Create + Print Label (selected)

And that's it! When you return to your Orders and Shipping tabs, the default button for creating labels should be updated.

Quickship Settings

The Quickship settings allow you to determine which steps in the create and print label process will be skipped when you are in Quickship mode. Keep in mind, the Quickship Settings will only be visible if you have enabled Quickship in your Display Options.

Workflow settings open with the QuickShip settings section highlighted

Quickship Settings allow you to choose to either show or skip the following while in Quickship mode:

  • Warnings

  • Errors

  • Cost Summary

  • Label Batch Status

  • Print Dialog Preview

The options set here will display in the Quickship mode drop-down so each user can see which steps or pop-ups to expect while in this mode.

Orders page with QuickShip Mode enabled and QuickShip settings open

Scan to Verify Items By

This setting will determine what types of barcodes Scan to Verify will recognize for your products.

You can select UPC, Item SKU, and Fulfillment SKU.

Scan to Verify Items with options for UPC, Item SKU and Fulfillment SKU.

These options correspond with the product fields in ShipStation. For example, for Scan to Verify to recognize a UPC barcode, the UPC number must be saved in the product default's UPC field.

The Item SKU corresponds to the product's SKU field and the Fulfillment SKU corresponds to the Fulfillment SKU field in the Product Details in ShipStation.

Scan Workflow - Mark as Verified Step

This setting determines if you will be required to manually verify a shipment after verifying all individual products when using the Scan to Verify or Scan to Verify & Print workflows.


Make users click 'Mark as Verified' to confirm all items are verified before moving to the next step means you will need to either click the Mark as Verified button or use the hotkey (V) before you can proceed to create or print labels after verifying all products in the order.

Automatically take users to the next step once all order items are verified means ShipStation will automatically take you to the next step in the workflow immediately after all items are verified (no need to click the Mark as Verified button).

  • In Scan to Verify only mode, this means ShipStation will automatically focus on the Search field so it's immediately ready for the next scan.

  • In Scan to Verify & Print mode, this means ShipStation will automatically take you to configure and print the shipping label once items have been verified.