Introduction to Insights Reports

A summary of the pre-formatted reports generated on the Reports section of the Insights tab.

The Reports section of the Insights page provides several pre-formatted reports you view directly in ShipStation, or export to a document such as PDF, CSV, Excel, or plain text.

Each report has various filter options to help you export only the data you need, whether that data is within a specific date range or from a specific store or carrier account.

Insights Reports are sorted into the following categories (click the link to view a detailed article about each reporting category):

  • Orders: Reports include Order Details, Buyer Comments, and Country Comparison.

  • Products: Reports include Item Demand Summary, Returned Products, and Product Sales.

  • Shipments: Reports include Shipment Count by User, Shipping Manifest, Shipped Items, Shipping Cost, and Batch Detail.

  • Accounting: Report includes Account Balance History.

  • Inventory Reports: Reports include Inventory Low Stock Report, Inventory Out of Stock Shipments, Inventory Audit Report, and Inventory Status Report.

    These inventory reports relate only to ShipStation's Internal Inventory Solution.

  • Hotkey & Barcode Scan Actions: Now available in both the ShipStation Legacy and the new layout! Reports include a Hotkey Reference Sheet, Barcode Scan Action Quick Reference Sheet, and a Barcode Scan Action Report.

  • Raw Data Exports: Reports include Customers, Shipped Items, Orders, Shipped Orders, and Product Aliases.

Access Insight Reports

To access Insight Reports in ShipStation:

You'll then see a list of the reporting categories and their available reports. Click into a report to set its filters and either view in ShipStation or export in your desired file type.

Th reports page shows available report types.