Troubleshoot Store Import Errors

Steps to try if you receive an error when attempting to import orders into ShipStation from a connected store.

If you successfully connected your store to ShipStation but the store is receiving an error message when you attempt to import orders, do the following:

  1. Click the text, “Error updating - see more.”

    The pop-up that appears will give more detail about what the error might be. Review the Common Store Errors page for details and troubleshooting steps for specific errors.

  2. Review Support Resources

    • The Common Store Errors page contains a list of common errors you may see when trying to import orders into ShipStation, what the error means, and steps to resolve the error if available.

    • The Integrations Help Guide includes an article for each of our selling channel connections. These articles include troubleshooting steps for resolving common errors specific to that channel. When available, we also include links to partner resources, which can help with certain channel-specific issues you may encounter when importing orders.

  3. Ensure the site is not in Test or Maintenance mode

    Test and Maintenance modes can be helpful for internal troubleshooting, but since ShipStation is a third-party connection we may not be able to successfully import orders if your site is in one of these modes.

  4. Review the Store Activity Log to see when the issue started

    Review the store activity log to help you determine when the error messages began. This information can help you identify potential new orders or website modifications that may have caused the error.

    Store Setup page. Red box highlights Activity tab.
  5. Contact the ShipStation Support team

    If you are unable to resolve the import issue, contact the ShipStation Support Team for further assistance. Please be aware that our support team may need you to share your screen during the troubleshooting process.

Reconfigure a Store Connection

You may need to reconfigure your store connection to resolve certain update errors in ShipStation.

Common reasons to reconfigure a store connection:

  • You've updated the username and password for the store or marketplace.

  • ShipStation's authentication credentials for your store or marketplace have expired.

  • An update has adjusted your store or marketplace's URL structure.

  • You need to adjust store settings made when you originally connected the store.