Contact ShipStation Support

Explains available support options, how to submit a request, use the chat widget, take screenshots, screen share, and best practices for submitting a ticket.

If you have a question, experience an issue while using ShipStation, or are unable to create labels, ShipStation has multiple support options to meet your needs.

ShipStation Support Options

Available support options vary depending on your subscription plan level.

Support Channel

Plan Type Required


Online Help Center

All plan levels

Our online help center includes product and feature help articles, integrations help articles, and troubleshooting help articles so you can learn how to use features or resolve common issues right away.

Use the search bar to search individual words, phrases, or questions. Use the left-side navigation to browse articles based on what task you need to accomplish or feature you wish to use.

Community Forum

All plan levels

Interact with and learn from other ShipStation users. Exchange tips, tricks, workflows, and best practices.

Members of our support team monitor the community for any issue that needs to be addressed directly by support, in which case they’ll convert your post to a support ticket and contact you directly.

Everyone can view community posts. You must be logged in to ShipStation to post and comment.

Email support

All plan levels

Send an email to our support team and we'll get back to you typically within one business day.

Starter plans receive email support only.

Chat support

Bronze or higher

Open a live chat with one of our support agents to get your questions answered right away.

You must be logged in to ShipStation for the chat option to be available.

Technical support by phone

Enterprise and High Volume plans


For Enterprise and High Volume plans, call between 8am and 8pm CST. The phone number is listed in ShipStation's Help menu Get Help icon. Black Question mark, inside of a gray circle, inside of a black square..


For all other accounts, follow the instructions in the How to Contact ShipStation Support section below.

Onboarding Setup Assistance - First 90 Days

All accounts on any plan can receive onboarding and setup assistance in the first 90 days after their trial ends. The Onboarding phone number will appear in the contact support widget on the help center after you enter your support request.

Onboarding assistance includes setting up your account and optimizing your configuration to ensure you get the most out of ShipStation. Onboarding assistance does not include technical support.

Trial Accounts

All ShipStation trial users have phone access to a sales rep/account manager for their first 30 days. Your account manager phone number will appear in ShipStation's help menu Get Help icon. Black Question mark, inside of a gray circle, inside of a black square..

How to Log in to ShipStation

You must be logged in to ShipStation to access the chat support option.

To log in from the help center:

  1. Click the Sign In link at the top of this page.

    This will take you to a ShipStation login screen in your current browser session.

  2. Click the help menu Get Help icon. Black Question mark, inside of a gray circle, inside of a black square. and choose Get Help to be redirected back to this page.

If you are unable to log into your ShipStation account: review our Login Troubleshooting Guide for steps you can take to help resolve this issue.

Our support team is here to help you resolve your issues and get shipping as soon as possible.

How to Contact ShipStation

The best way to contact ShipStation's support team is to use the Contact widget available on our online help center (which you are on now). The options available to you will depend on whether you are logged into your ShipStation account and what plan you are subscribed to.


Anyone can ask a question in the Contact widget. The widget will offer suggestions for help articles that may answer your question. If the results do not provide what you need, you can then choose Contact Support. If you are not logged into ShipStation, you will be presented a ticket form to fill in and submit your support request.

For the widget to offer the other support options available to your subscription plan, you must be logged into your ShipStation account. Follow the instructions below to access the support team through your ShipStation account.

Get Help Demo Video


Submit a Ticket or Start a Chat

We respond to all tickets and chats in the order we receive them, so your wait time may vary depending on the volume of requests. Email tickets will receive a response within one business day.

High Volume Wait Times

During high volume periods, email response times may exceed one business day. Please chat or call in for quickest support if your plan includes these channels.

For Enterprise Accounts, you also have the option to call our Enterprise Accounts support team. The phone number to contact the Enterprise Accounts support team will be listed under the Help menu icon Get Help icon. Black Question mark, inside of a gray circle, inside of a black square. when you are logged into ShipStation.

Unable to log into ShipStation?

If you are unable to log into ShipStation or access the Contact widget, send an email to to open a ticket with our support team.

Using The Chat Widget

Once you enter a chat, you have a few more options besides just having a conversation with the support agent.

Chat Widget Options

Click the three dots on the bottom right if you want to:

  • Disable the sound

  • Email a transcript of the chat to yourself

  • End the chat

Chat widget. Arrow points to options menu, next to attachment icon.

Attach a File

Click the attachment icon to send an image or other type of file to your support agent.


Open Chat Outside the Browser

Use the Pop Out icon to pop the chat widget out of your browser into its own window.


End the Chat

Our chat widget leaves it up to you to end the chat! Once the chat is done, click the three dots and then click End Chat.


Then click the End button (or Cancel, to go back to the chat).

End Chat Widget. Reads, "Are you sure you want to end this chat?" Buttons: End, & Cancel.

Rate the Chat

We'd really appreciate it if you could rate the chat and leave feedback for our support agents!

Rate Chat options: thumbs up or down. Optional comment field. Buttons: Send, Skip

Close the Chat Pop-up

Finally, click the minimize button in the top right to close the chat pop-up.

Arrow points to minimize icon at top right of Chat widget.

Submitting a Ticket - Best Practices

When you submit a ticket to the support team, it's best to include as much information about the question or issue as possible. This helps the agent to fully understand what you need and answer your question or resolve your issue with their first response.

The information you should include in your initial email will depend on what your issue is. Remember these best practices when you submit your ticket:

  • A description of your issue

    What is happening and when, if it is consistent or intermittent, which integration is involved (selling channel, carrier, etc), what task you are trying to accomplish when you experience the issue (import orders, create a label, print a packing slip, etc).

  • Example order numbers, if issue involves orders.

  • Tracking numbers, if issue involves shipments.

  • Name of carrier and service, if issue is related to labels.

  • Name of automation rule, if issue is related to automation rules.

  • Type of printer, If issue is related to printing.

    Additionally, include if you are printing with ShipStation Connect, when the issue started, if the issue occurs for all print jobs or just certain jobs.

  • Screenshots or videos

    Include a screenshot or video. See the sections below if you do not know how to take screenshots or videos.

  • Any steps you may have already taken to attempt to resolve the issue, if any.

  • Error messages you encountered, if any.

Taking Screenshots & Videos

When contacting the support team, screenshots or video captures of the issue you're experiencing are extremely helpful. They can ensure the ShipStation team is looking for the issue in the right place, provide hints on how to replicate the issue, and provide information which would not normally be available to the support team member, such as detailed information about an order available in your selling channel but not found in ShipStation.

How To Take a Screenshot - Windows

There are two types of screen captures you can take: the entire screen or the active window. For example, if you have three programs open at the same time, you might want a screen capture of only the active window.

  1. Press the PRINT SCREEN key on your keyboard (PRTSC or PRTSCN on some keyboards).

    You captured screen will be copied to your clipboard.

  2. Paste the screen capture into the email or a program that allows you to save the images as a JPG or PNG file.

    You can then attach that file to an email or drop it into a chat window to share with another person.

Check out Microsoft's detailed instructions for Windows 8.1 and higher on how to use their built-in snipping tool.

How To Take Screenshots - Mac

  1. Press Command () + Shift + 4

  2. Click and drag the crosshair pointer over the desired capture area.

  3. When you have the entire area you wish to capture within the selection, release your mouse.

The image of the screen will be saved as a file on the desktop (called "Screenshot XX-XX-XX" where the Xs are the day's date).

If you prefer to put a screenshot in the Clipboard, hold down the Control key while you press the other capture key combo. You can then paste the picture into an email or document.

Check out Apple's detailed instructions for OS X 10.6 and higher.

Other Screen Capture Options

There are other screen capture tools by third-party developers that can help you take and manage screenshots and videos. Many of these programs also include the ability to edit and annotate the screenshots or videos, so you can resize, add arrows and outlines, or hide information you don't want to share.

Here are a few popular options:

  • Monosnap: Monosnap is a free program for both Windows and Mac that also includes a free online storage account where you can upload your screenshots (or videos under 5-minute). For these uploaded images or videos, you'll receive a link to easily share with others.

  • CloudApp: CloudApp is a program for both Windows and Mac that allows you to take screenshots, modify or annotate images, and share them as needed. CloudApp offers a free pricing tier that allows you to take basic screenshots and videos, as well as paid pricing tiers if you need to use the program in a more advanced way.

  • Snagit: Snagit is a program for both Windows and Mac that includes more advanced editing and annotation options for images and videos. Snagit also includes access to a Screencast account so you can upload your saved images and videos and easily share them with others.

Screensharing With Support

During a chat or a phone call with one of our support agents, they may request that you share your screen with them. A screen share can help agents to see the issue occur in real-time and get a better idea of exactly what is going on. It's often easier to let them see what's happening instead of attempting to explain it. The agent can then ensure you are also taking the correct steps to resolve the issue!

For screen sharing, ShipStation uses a tool called Splashtop SOS. It's fast, secure, and easy to use. To save time, you can download ShipStation's version of Splashtop SOS before contacting support so you are ready in case screen sharing becomes necessary.

When you finish your screen-share session, quit Splashtop by clicking either the Disconnect button or the red X in the corner of the pop-up. Then click OK in the Disconnect popup. There is no harm if you download a new installation, but it is unnecessary. Every time you open Splashtop in the future, the program will generate a fresh, unique ID for the new session.