Troubleshoot Batch Errors

Explains the two types of batch errors you might see and steps to take if you encounter them.

For a batch to process successfully, all orders in the batch must have their shipping parameters (weight, shipping service, package type, customs, and other options) configured correctly or you may encounter errors when attempting to create the labels for the batch.

You may receive an error when attempting to process a batch or after the batch has finished processing.

Errors When Processing a Batch

This type of error varies depending on the shipment information, and it will prevent the indicated orders from processing in the batch.

Typically, these errors have to do with missing required information like shipping service, package weight, or address fields.

Process Error pop-up has order number & problem: weight greater than 150 lbs and no weight specified

To resolve the errors, click on the blue order number to open the order's Details screen. Once you’ve edited the details to resolve the error, the Label Batch Status window will automatically move you to the next step to process the batch: Cost Review.

Errors After the Batch Has Finished Processing

If you have processed a label batch and it displays a # Errors message, this means that one or more labels failed to generate for the batch. These errors typically relate to other shipping options or issues with your carrier account (like insufficient balance to purchase the postage for the entire batch).


To see more information for the failed orders and correct any problems, click on the red # Errors. Each failed order will be displayed along with an error message. In most cases, the order number can be clicked on to open the details of the order.


Once the order has been updated to fix any problems, click Retry All Failures to attempt to regenerate the failed labels.

Batch Errors Legacy Layout

To view errors in the Label Batch Status window in ShipStation's Legacy Layout, click the blue # label(s) to see which labels have failed and the error messages.

Label Batch Error Details pop-up, has Individual Order numbers, error details, & links to make adjustments.

See which of your batches contain errors at any time by going to Shipments > Batches. Any batch with an alert or error will display the number under the Errors column. Click the batch number to view the Label Batch Status window, then you can view the failed order and any other details.

Batch-Grid Error Pop-up. 4 Columns: Total, Errors, Progress, & Status. Errors in orange or Red, with count. Progress: Green = OK