Products Overview

Details on how ShipStation records information about your products and an overview of all the tabs within a product record.

ShipStation stores information about products from your selling channels in Product Records, which you can view in the Products tab.

The Products tab displays a list of your product records in the Product Grid. Each row in the Products Grid contains a single product record.

Products grid with Products tab highlighted.

Product records allow you to:

You can view details about each product record in each product's Details screen. The Product Details contain the SKU and Name of the product, as well as any defaults and other options set for that product.

Click the product SKU, or double-click the product line item in the grid, to open the Product Details window.

Product Details Settings

ShipStation stores details about products in product records, which you can then use to do things like automatically set an order's shipment configuration or track the product's inventory stock levels.

Select a tab below to learn about the settings in the corresponding tab of your Product Details screen.

Product aliases

Customize the Products Grid

Arrange the column headers by click-and-drag to sort grid information according to type (Name, SKU, Alias, Tags, Active, Warehouse Location, or other order information). Scroll the screen left or right to view all columns.

Demo of rearranging Product grid columns.

Click the title text (e.g., NameSKU, or Weight) in a column header to sort that column's contents in either ascending or descending order (alphabetical, chronological). 

Gif showing orders grid sorted by the Created column.
Product aliases