Configure Shipping

Explains how to configure shipping for a single order, multiple orders (called 'bulk updating'), and how to set a future ship date.

To configure shipping for an order, you will use the Configure Shipment Widget, which allows you to set the shipping service, package type, weight, dimensions, insurance, confirmation, and other options. 

The Configure Shipment Widget with service options and a label rate

Access the Configure Shipment Widget in either the Orders grid shipping sidebar, or in the Order Details screen (to open the Order Details, either click an order number or double-click the order in the grid). 

The subsequent sections in this article detail how to configure shipping for individual orders, for multiple orders at once (called bulk updating), and using Shipping Presets.

You can also configure shipping with various automated methods. Automation methods are covered in depth in the Automation section articles. For details on using different types of automation, please review the product defaults, service mapping, and automation rules articles. 

ShipStation University Preparing Orders for Shipping Course

If learning by doing is more your style, take the ShipStation University Preparing Orders for Shipping course. The lesson videos will show you the different ways you can configure your shipments as well as how to split orders into multiple shipments or combine multiple shipments into one.

Configure Individual Orders

Compare Rates from the Order Rate Calculator

Using the information from the order, you can use the rate calculator icon by the Ship From field to compare rates from available carriers. Select a carrier service and continue to configure the order.

The calculator icon is marked.

The rate for the shipment will appear in the Create + Print Label button. The rate automatically updates as you configure your shipment.

Once you have configured all necessary options, you are ready to create and print your label.

The widget in ShipStation where all shipping options are set. The widget appears in the Orders grid Shipping Sidebar, as well as the Order and Shipment Details screens.

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Configure Multiple Orders

Bulk updating can be done in either the Orders grid Shipping Sidebar or the Bulk Update drop-down menu.

The Bulk Update menu offers more options than the bulk update in the sidebar. The menu includes the option to add notes, set a Ship By Date, assign a Shipping Account, and change email and packing slip templates. 

Set a Future Ship Date

The feature to set a future ship date will allow you to create a label to ship at a later time. This ensures the shipment will report correctly and end up on the correct manifest.

Configure Shipping Legacy Layout

If you are using ShipStation's Legacy Layout, follow these instructions to configure shipment options.

Configure Individual Orders

Fill in your shipment details in the Shipping Info section of an order. The Shipping Info is available in the Order Details screen and the Shipping Sidebar of the Orders grid. 

Shipping Info panel. Includes Ship from, weight, service, package, size, confirm, insurance, rate, & Create Label button.

After you configure these settings, the rate will appear below the Insurance drop-down menu. The rate updates as you make changes to the configurations. 

Configure Multiple Orders

Orders can be configured in bulk either through the Order Grid in the Sidebar or with the Bulk Action menu.

To adjust the Optional Shipping Info, go to the Apply Bulk Action option in the Other Actions menu.

Orders page, Other Actions dropdown. Red box highlights Apply Bulk Action menu option.

From here you can apply options like Saturday Delivery for FedEx or UPS or mark the shipment as non-machinable. 

Update Rates

If you made any changes to an order that would affect the shipping rate (such as weight, package type, or service), ShipStation needs to retrieve the rate again. This can be done for a single order or multiple orders directly from the Order Grid. 

This will update the rates for all the selected orders. The rate will appear in the sidebar of any selected order as well as in the Rate column. 

Auto-Update Rates

To set ShipStation to update rates automatically when you make a change to the order, go to Settings > Account > Display Options > Orders and set Auto-rate postage to On. .  

Configure Shipment Widget,

The widget in ShipStation where all shipping options are set. The widget appears in the Orders grid Shipping Sidebar, as well as the Order and Shipment Details screens.

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