Schedule Maintenance FAQ

At ShipStation, we are committed to providing our valued merchants with the most efficient shipping solution. We continuously work behind the scenes to make improvements that typically have minimal customer impact. However, sometimes we need to collaborate with our merchants to ensure we continue delivering an outstanding product.

Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance

To ensure our systems can run quickly and smoothly as we continue to expand our offerings, we're making improvements to our databases. These improvements include doubling the database capacity, which means greater bandwidth for increased order volumes. During this upgrade, we'll need to temporarily pause all communications with these databases, which wil result in a brief period of account downtime. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

Scheduled Maintenance FAQ

Q: When will the maintenance start?

A: To minimize the impact on all our merchants, we will perform the update during off-peak hours (typically sometime between 11PM and 6AM local time). Since we are performing updates on different days and at different times for different groups, we will notify you directly to let you know when your group's specific maintenance window is scheduled.

Q: How long will the service be down?

A: No more than 2 hours.

Q: What will happen when I try to log in?

A: You will see a notification that we are currently in maintenance mode.

Q: How will this downtime impact me?

A: We’ve made it our top priority to schedule the maintenance windows outside of standard business operating hours to minimize the impact.

Q: Will I be notified when the services are restored?

A: We will communicate the anticipated window for downtime. Outside of that window, you will no longer be redirected to the maintenance message.

Q: What do I need to do to download orders placed during the maintenance window?

A: We will take care of retrieving all orders placed during the downtime. Once maintenance is completed, we will import orders based on our last confirmed import to your account.

Q: What happens if I am logged in when you start maintenance?

A: You will be automatically logged out of your account and redirected to the maintenance notification when you attempt to log back in.

Q: What will change for me?

A: You will not see any changes within your account. The changes consist of database upgrades, allowing you to confidently and comfortably scale your business.

Q: Will I need to do anything before/after the maintenance window?

A: No. We will take care of everything. Once you log back in, we will import all orders received during the maintenance period.

Q: What will happen to my orders during this time?

A: Your orders will be queued in a download log waiting for us to request the orders. You will not miss any orders placed during this time period.

Q: Will my customers still be able to place orders during this time?

A: Yes. Our upgrades will not have an impact on your storefront or your marketplace’s ability to receive orders.

Q: Is there a page I can go to see the status of the maintenance?

A: Yes, please visit the ShipStation Status page for updates