Return Rabbit

Return Rabbit is an exchange-first, revenue-driven returns management platform for Shopify merchants who want to streamline the post-purchase experience. Return Rabbit helps you turn the return and exchange process into a positive experience for both you and your customers.

For your customers, Return Rabbit provides a customized self-service portal to request a return or exchange. For merchants, it provides automated processes to handle inventory, refunds, and exchanges. Pair ShipStation and Return Rabbit with your Shopify store to streamline your return and exchange process.

Shopify Stores Only

Return Rabbit is only available for Shopify orders at this time. We plan to add new stores in the future.


To use Return Rabbit, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • An active account with Return Rabbit

    Send an email to to start an account.

  • The Return Rabbit app installed on your Shopify Store (available in the Shopify app marketplace)

  • Have a Shopify store connected to ShipStation

Connect ShipStation to Return Rabbit

To leverage your existing carrier rates for returns and exchanges, configure ShipStation as a shipping Aggregator in each of your Return Rabbit stores.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integration Partners and click on the Return Rabbit tile.

  2. Click the Generate API Key button.

    ShipStation settings with the Generate API Key button highlighted.
  3. Copy the API Key.

    1. You will be able to access this key at any time. Regenerating a key will deactivate the prior key.

  4. Log into your Return Rabbit Admin portal.

  5. Navigate to Configure > Shipping > Aggregators > select View Details for ShipStation.

  6. Paste your API Key into the Production API Key field.

  7. Select the carriers that you want to enable for your return shipping labels and click Save.


Learn to Use Return Rabbit

To get the most out of Return Rabbit, learn about How Return Rabbit Works and their Service Request Workflow.

Return Rabbit has a variety of methods to resolve return requests, including:

Streamline the process with Automation Rules or Tag Based Rules.

For more information about customizing the look of Return Rabbit or using the Return Manager, go to the Return Rabbit Help Center.