Shipping to the EU

The ShipStation process for shipping internationally to EU member countries is much the same as shipping any international package. However, as of March 1, 2023, the European Union has implemented new requirements for shipments entering their countries.

These changes are part of the EU's ICS2 reform and apply to all shipments, no matter which carrier you ship with. While ShipStation will not prevent you from creating your label without entering an HS Code, failure to comply with these requirements could result in delays to your shipment as well as fines or penalty fees. For more details about this change, how it might affect your shipping, and for answers to a few frequently asked questions, please read our recent blog post about it.

The sections below provide details on how to add your HS Codes to and update your item descriptions in ShipStation and a few additional details to ensure you continue to ship internationally to the EU with confidence.

Add HS Codes and Product Descriptions

ShipStation provides a way for you to add both HS Codes and item descriptions to your product records so they will be automatically populated into your customs declarations.

  1. Open the Product Details screen for a product you'd like to edit (click the SKU or double-click the product line in the grid).

  2. Click the Customs tab.

    Product Details Customs tab.
  3. Enter an accurate description in the Description field and the product's HS Code in the Harmonization Code field.

    • By default, ShipStation uses the product's Name if the Description field is blank. We recommend entering a customs-appropriate description into the Description field.

    • If you need to locate the proper HS Code for your products, you can use the GlobalPost HS Code Lookup Tool (a very user-friendly tool, but limited to 5 queries a day) or Harmonized Tariff Schedule website.

  4. Save your changes.

Ship Internationally with GlobalPost

If you use GlobalPost services for your international shipments, GlobalPost will automatically add the proper HS Code to your electronic customs submission as long as you have accurate item descriptions for all items in your shipment.

Example Item Descriptions

One of the issues this new regulation means to address is the problem of vague or too generalized item descriptions. You can no longer use general categories like "electronics" or "clothing" as item descriptions. They must be specific. The table below provides some examples of acceptable descriptions you can use.

Unacceptable Red X mark. Unsupported feature. No.

Acceptable Green checkmark. Supported feature. Yes.


Men's Cotton Shirt, Women's Silk Dress


Samsung Microwave Oven, Kitchen Aid Blender


Oil Painting, Screenprint on Paper, 12" Bronze Statue


Small scented candle, Plush Toy, Cashmere Scarf

Health Products

Laundry Detergent, Wireless Electric Toothbrush, Cotton Towel Set